South West Mobile Broadband Ltd is a specialist 4G mobile broadband supplier Devon, Somerset, Dorset and Cornwall, and an approved supplier of the Government Better Broadband scheme and the Devon and Somerset (CDS Voucher) scheme.

Our customers are businesses, home consumers, holiday home areas, in rural areas outside of the FTTC network or areas within FTTC areas, but are more than 1.5 miles from the cabinet.

SWMB4G is the airborne fibre beating solution. It uses the backbone of the UK’s masts owned and operated by EE, Vodafone, O2, and Three which are planned to cover 98% of the UK landmass by 2020. SWMB4G brings fast, low latency alternative broadband to areas where standard broadband just can’t reach, and a cheaper and speedier approach to Satellite Broadband. SWMB4G can bring up to 120Mbps into your home with no new phone line or huge dishes, just a small antenna on your wall and a router in your home.


Our preference in equipment is coupled with a high gain (2×18 dBi) Omni antenna making a highly reliable and secure service for professional applications with Wi-Fi capability so no other equipment will be required. In addition, the router has 4 Ethernet ports to allow you to attach to any existing infrastructure you may have. The router delivers high-performance communication and is equipped with connectivity redundancy and dual 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wifi capability.

The Router is a TP Link Router, which is unique in the fact it is the first dual AC Wifi Router that works with EE Wifi Calling.

All antennas are multi-range bandwidth allowing any network provider to work with our system but EE has by far the best infrastructure in this area and the most competitive deals too.

We use MiMo antennas as these have two antennas in the one aerial, thus increasing the download and upload speeds from the 4G mast.

Most antennas on the market have a much lower gain, and as such have FIXED 5m cables available to go from outside your house to the router. We can fit the low loss cables to the correct length, to the required location of the router.


SWMB4G will have mapped your address before the site survey and are confident that we can provide a robust connection. We will certainly try and place our equipment in your desired location but if that is not possible our installation team may have to check several locations on your property for the best reception. Normally our installs take are about an hour but we allow 2 hours ensuring you don’t feel too rushed. If you feel you need the engineer longer, please arrange this before ordering so we can be clear on additional charges.

The installation consists of a placement of an external antenna and an internal router that needs placement near a power socket. The external antenna is attached to a low loss cable.

Our engineers are trained to find the best signal and work with you for the best placement of the equipment, to be aesthetically pleasing as possible.

All antennas are multi-range bandwidth allowing any network provider to work with our system but EE has by far the best infrastructure in this area and the most competitive deals too. There are about the size of a small burglar alarm.

We use MiMo antennas as these have two antennas in the one aerial, thus increasing the download and upload speeds from the 4G mast.

Both are set up using our 4G spectrum analyser so we know where the strongest signals are coming from. On average, we get around 40-50MB/s download speeds, on 4G, but customers close to masts can expect speeds of 100MB/s. Theoretically, you can get speeds of 150MB.
The majority of EE 4G masts are by the main A roads, so the infrastructure is already there., we do know where they are after the site surveys we conduct.

Terms & Conditions of Installation

If we demonstrate a fast connection and we have organised an install and can complete the installation at the same time, there are no site survey costs and therefore is free of charge.

If we demonstrate a satisfactory service but you request an installation at a later date or deem the placement of the equipment is unacceptable we will however, need to charge a site survey at £75 to cover revisiting costs. This also works the other way; if our mapping has been incorrect and we can’t find a satisfactory service we will, of course, cancel the order at no charge to you.

Standard install

  • 4G LTE AC Router
  • 4G Omni /directional MIMO aerial
  • 5m or 10m low loss cable (20m on request).
  • Wall pole (if required)
  • Installation
  • Safe single ladder access
  • 2 screw fixings, direct attachment to external wall
  • Brick/concrete/ semi-hard stone
  • Accessible by standard non 4×4 vehicle
  • Engineer 1-2 Hours
  • Best Signal Antenna placement

You must inform us before installation if there are any issues relating to the location of the antenna e.g. aesthetics, listed building, conservation area or any other restrictions.

Installation does not include an attachment to your existing equipment or infrastructure.

Although the router has Wi-Fi capability you must be aware that broadband and Wi-Fi are separate and if you have specific Wi-Fi requirements then you must make us aware of what you need as this may require additional equipment.


This is a guide to data use below.

Average 1 hour activity unless stated differentlyActivity Data consumption (GB)
Web browsing0.01 -0.025
Download a document0.002 – 0.01
Facebook (no video use)0.03 -0.05
Download a music track0.004 – 0.008
Stream 30 minutes of YouTube0.175 – 0.5
Download a non-HD film0.7- 2
Download an HD film4 – 7
Stream non-HD video0.75- 2
Stream  HD video4 – 7
Stream music or radio0.15

If you reach your data limit on the package you have chosen you will be taken to a screen where you can either upgrade the package or purchase additional data. The amounts and prices are set by EE (the platform service provider). There will be no additional charge unless you purchase more data or increase your monthly data package.

You will have access to a portal which will allow you to monitor your data usage at any time. It is almost impossible to gauge how much data you will need or use as you will find you do use the internet more once you have a good connection. You will likely find that you use the internet more. Just be mindful of the data limits. You can upgrade data packages, if available, at any time within the 12 months but cannot downgrade The EE data usage guide will give a good approximation of your likely requirements.

If you have any questions or need anything clarifying, please phone us directly on 01392 349120. All prices include VAT.